Throw at the Chocolate Factory

December 9, 2011

Performed at THROW this week, a work-in-progress evening at the Chocolate Factory curated by Sarah Maxfield.  Good stuff.  I was very impressed with turn-out, whole lot of people crammed into a small basement performance space.  Eliza and I performed a brand new section of Big Exit.  It was an experiment in performing an EXCERPT.  In my mind the bit we showed is the climax of a much longer work. It would come somewhere after the basic piece we have performed at the Kitchen and at Figment.  I think it left the audience with very little lead in or context…but I was interested in what that would feel like.  The night of I was pretty concerned the audience would feel bombarded, and that the piece would feel like “too much/out of nowhere” when you see a really emotional monologue, but you don’t really get where it’s coming from…In the end, we did good.  As a performer I know I held back a little, my director self scared about the “too much” thing.  ahhh directing and performing at the same time…such an interesting dynamic. Eliza rocked it as usual.

…no the skirt of my costume is not supposed to look like that…



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