November 10, 2011

Hello blog.  I have neglected you because I have not been rehearsing or performing since June. Why?  I’ve been taking a break! I also spent 30 days this summer doing the first half of the program in Laban Movement Studies.  Amazing amazing.  And now, after break and a time out for learning I am now chained to my desk applying for things.  Next week I’ll get some pictures from the studio as I start the next round of Big Exit for my upcoming showing at the Chocolate Factory.  This week here are some links to grants and residencies that I am working on and any of you artists might want to know about with rapidly upcoming deadlines.

http://dixonplace.org/html/submissions.php (supposedly the deadline for showings for Jan-March was extended to Nov 11?..not sure )

http://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/dance/research/festival.html (deadline Nov 15)

http://www.puffinfoundation.org/index.php? (deadline in December)

http://www.djerassi.org/applicationforms.html (deadline not til February, but included for fun)

http://franklinfurnace.org/artists/franklin_furnace_fund/how_to_apply.phpn) (this is for later too, apps available in January)