Cruise ships are fun

March 15, 2010

No, I have not been on an actual cruise.  However for the last week I have been working hard with FoolsFURY Theatre Company in the development of a new play by Sheila Callaghan, and it all takes place on cruise ship.  We did a workshop rendition of this piece last spring in San Francisco, but this week was an entirely different generative experience.   There was no pressure of an immediate performance, and we had the playwright, the director, and an amazing, cohesive group of performers together in the room.   I loved the process of improvising, Viewpointing, and interviewing each other to develop our characters and the piece.  I was actually really surprised just how deep and layered our improvisational work became in just a week.  Sometimes improvising in character can be a real pain in the ass, it can be too broad, and there aren’t enough limitations. However, combined with the Viewpoints attention to space, and with the absurd nature of the play, it felt like we got some real meat out of it.   It was also really fantastic having the playwright there, stealing from our improvs, commenting on what she was thinking, laughing out loud when she found something funny. Then she’d duck out of the room, and come back with fresh pages.  Amazing!

For someone who is not so into character driven work these days, the week was full of developing character, and I loved it.  Something about the character still being actively created and written was really liberating, I felt I could explore possibilities with her and not get stuck on them. 

And holy shit thank you New Dramatists for hosting us and paying us all.


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