What a Baby You’d Make

February 12, 2010

So I’m  working on a new solo piece.  Or at least solo for now.   The starting point is putting into my body and spitting back out again all the ridiculous forms of catcalling, sexual harassment, and general heterosexist ridiculousness endured at my job.   I’m interested in how I (and other women) resist the bullshit, manipulate the nonsense, and acquiesce. The piece currently involves text directly ripped off from real life experience, things men have said to me that are funny, sad and infuriating all at once.  Movement work that manipulates vampy and sexy, that explores a sexuality that is not about being seen (how to do this on stage?), and incorporates emotional layers of passivity and fight.  Hmmm.  So it goes in the beginning of new work.  Little bits of everything.  Today’s rehearsal also had some vocal breakthroughs in playing with contrast/intersection of beauty and ugliness.  Overall, I have seen a lot of dance work lately that is about being beautiful.  At this point, not interested in that kind of beauty, or if I use it, I am going to manipulate the hell out of it.  Working title: “what a baby you’d make.”


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