Circuitous Route

August 26, 2009

popcornHere are some old homegrown video clips of Circuitous Route, the piece that Aphasia grew out of.   This was performed in 2008 as my MFA thesis at UC Davis.  Thanks to Ilya Noe for sitting in the front row and shooting this with a wee bit video camera every single night.  It looks pretty hazy online, but I think you can get a feel.  Sound collaborator is Sean Johannessen.


Parking lot

August 25, 2009

  This year I am taking part in a site-specific    performance practice, with collaborator Ara Glenn-Johanson.  We began making work in site-specific locations when the economy started crumbling last fall, realizing that we didn’t want to wait around for a grant.  Also realizing that perhaps now was a time to leap into alternative ways of making work, that do not rely on the foundation and the grants driven arts world. We have worked in sites of closed businesses,  imagining that working in these temporarily dead spaces can be a way to enliven and publicly use what was previously occupied private space.  Our favorite spot is the giant and very empty parking lot of the now out of business Elephant Pharmacy in Berkeley.  We have transposed a bit of this work twice, with collaborator Jesse Hewit.  Once onto a giant stage in a SF festival, Dancing in the Park, and once into an outdoor garden/sidewalk during the queer arts event dirtstar celebrating urban renewal.  Both times fascinating successes and failures. Can you take a site-specific performance (or rehearsal) and put it on a stage?  See here for a link to Ara’s video of our parking lot piece on a very large stage.  The video brings up another question.  Can you capture any remnant of a live performance on a video, of a stage, that was a site-specific performance? Right…

(project on hold while I move to NY)