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Long time no post: I’m performing in Marija Krotolica’s work this weekend.  Love love love performing with Marija!  She is a master improviser.  I have learned so much from her.


Featuring work by Ara Glenn-Johanson, Six One Seven Dance Collective, Billy Mclain/Wondertwins, Angela Conte, Marija Krtolica, Jessica Chang and Kelley Donovan

Friday, April 19th at 8:00pm

One night only!!

Third Life Studio, 33 Union Sq., Somerville, Ma

$15 General Admission, advance tickets online only! $20 at the door

$12 for Student/Seniors

Purchase a 3 month season ticket for shows in April, May & June for only $30! ($60 for two season tickets)

Call (617) 388-3247 or email for info.


As We Like It

August 29, 2012

Latest project with Messenger Theatre Company opens in Chicago tomorrow at the Dream Theatre.  Very excited!

Link for tickets, which also includes the dates:

As We Like It – A Two Woman Adaptation of William Shakespeare’s As You Like It
Performed and devised by Emily Davis and Sara Zimmerman, it features music, puppetry, dance and wrestling. Celia and Rosalind devise sports and play pretend. They take on all the roles, including themselves, as they work through love and their Daddy issues. The text is exclusively Shakespeare’s but the show belongs to Rosalind and Celia. These debutantes play games.

January 24, 2012

Performed at THROW this week, a work-in-progress evening at the Chocolate Factory curated by Sarah Maxfield.  Good stuff.  I was very impressed with turn-out, whole lot of people crammed into a small basement performance space.  Eliza and I performed a brand new section of Big Exit.  It was an experiment in performing an EXCERPT.  In my mind the bit we showed is the climax of a much longer work. It would come somewhere after the basic piece we have performed at the Kitchen and at Figment.  I think it left the audience with very little lead in or context…but I was interested in what that would feel like.  The night of I was pretty concerned the audience would feel bombarded, and that the piece would feel like “too much/out of nowhere” when you see a really emotional monologue, but you don’t really get where it’s coming from…In the end, we did good.  As a performer I know I held back a little, my director self scared about the “too much” thing.  ahhh directing and performing at the same time…such an interesting dynamic. Eliza rocked it as usual.

…no the skirt of my costume is not supposed to look like that…



November 10, 2011

Hello blog.  I have neglected you because I have not been rehearsing or performing since June. Why?  I’ve been taking a break! I also spent 30 days this summer doing the first half of the program in Laban Movement Studies.  Amazing amazing.  And now, after break and a time out for learning I am now chained to my desk applying for things.  Next week I’ll get some pictures from the studio as I start the next round of Big Exit for my upcoming showing at the Chocolate Factory.  This week here are some links to grants and residencies that I am working on and any of you artists might want to know about with rapidly upcoming deadlines. (supposedly the deadline for showings for Jan-March was extended to Nov 11?..not sure ) (deadline Nov 15) (deadline in December) (deadline not til February, but included for fun) (this is for later too, apps available in January)

Big Exit Photos!

June 24, 2011

Photos are in from Saturday’s performances in the rain at Figment!  Thank you Pavel Antenov, amazing professional photographer friend who came out to the island and took the beautiful photos below.

Because of the wet and slippery weather we chose not to hit the stage and found two new spots, the grass, and an archway to perform our piece.  Everything changed, it was crazy and wild, but it was a great ride, and we’ve got some pictures to prove it.

Sunday we took to the stage, the sun came out, and the piece was a little more it’s old self, with some new improvisational blood in it, in response to the festival atmosphere….but you’ll just have to take my word for that one!

Performers: Sara Zimmerman, Eliza Ladd, Costumes by Jess Hooks




St. Ann’s Warehouse – LABAPALOOZA! 2011

Come check out the piece I’m in with Messenger Theatre’ Company in the lobby of St. Ann’s Warehouse.  Usually each audience is 20-30 people, but today Jojo (puppeteer) and I performed for an audience of one.  It was one of the most beautiful performance experiences I’ve had.  Oh what can happen when your audience member is so open, and present, and taking it all in.  It was an incredible show!  We continue performing our piece, Seeing Inside, through tomorrow in the hour before each Labapalooza show begins.

Kickstarting Big Exit

May 23, 2011

We are raising funds to bring Big Exit to an arts fesival on Governor’s Island, NY called Figment.  It’s outdoors, free to the public, and packed with all kinds of performing arts, visual art, sculpture, and installations! I love teeny tiny donations and big fat donations.  And you will get a little something for your money either way!